Signal blockers don't always work to protect your car from keyless theft - here's how to keep your motor safe | The Sun

2022-09-04 05:26:17 By : Mr. Kent Wong

One driver had her £24,000 Range Rover stolen in just 20 seconds despite her keys being locked in a signal blocker

SIGNAL blocking security measures can't guarantee that your car will be protected from keyless theft.

Security experts are urging drivers to lock up their vehicle over night to stop thieves getting access to the keys signal.

Signal blocking boxes and pouches are commonly used to prevent thieves from getting access to the unique signal from your key that can open your car.

But some drivers have had their vehicles stolen despite having their keys locked away in a signal blocking box.

Keri Yates had her £24,000 Range Rover stolen in just 20 seconds outside of her house, despite her keys being locked away in a signal-jamming bag inside her Burntwood house.

Using cheap technology, the thief was able to capture the signal from her keys and trick the car into thinking it was nearby.

She told BirminghamLive: "He touched the back of the car and started to fumble around in his pocket. It was gone in 24 seconds.

"I've got a Faraday bag, which is meant to stop the cloning of car keys.

"Apparently they're only good when you go away on holiday, it doesn't work if you keep putting your keys back in and out."

A Thatcham Research spokesman previously told AutoExpress: "We have tested a few of the pouches and the ones we’ve assessed have worked, but we can’t guarantee they all will.

"Some pouches have two pockets, for example, only one of which will block signals, while there are so many on the market it’s simply not possible for us to test them all."

But there are other ways you can protect your motor from keyless attacks.

Many manufacturers are now updating their in-car security systems to stay ahead of these attacks, so remember to download any security updates from their websites to further safeguard your motor.

If you still fear that yours will be accessed, it's possible to manually turn it off electronic fobs over night.

Fitting an old-fashion steering wheel lock to your car will also deter thieves from nicking your car, as well as locking your car in secured garage.

If thieves do steal your motor, CCTV cameras can help police identify your car and the people who have stolen it.

It may also pay to install a tracking device into your car which can send you an alert if the car isn't following it's regular trips.

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